We are not the first human living on a piece of land. Our earth is million of years old.
Do you believe that there is no historical energy from battles or wars?
Do you believe that this energy, these imprints can influence your life and your business?
Yes it does. For example a company became insolvent and another company assemble there the new business. The new enterprise has severe problems to be successful!


It is very utile that landcleaning take place before construction starts.
But it is no problem to harmonise existing buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Storehouses or construction areas. The difference between the Classic Feng Shui and the Tao Geomantic Feng Shui is that almost no structural changes have to be considered.


The Tao Geomantic Feng Shui  is very important for success and benefit of a company, for health and wealth and for good employees. Houses and buildings and places that are difficult to rent or sell should be cleared this way. After our work, the client can smell, even see the difference. The buildings smell better, appear brightly and the heaviness of the rooms is no more in. This energy remains as long as no changes are made on the roof, main door and windows of a building. Earthworks and vibrations outside of a building can also influence the durability of the new energy. Let us know in this case so that we can make the corrections.


Be sure that each order will always be treated with carefulness and well-being for each client!

To make an offer for Tao Geomantic Feng Shui and Landcleaning for house, flat or a piece of land, I need a land- or architecture plan and the square meters of the project. (Plan PDF or jpg).
The direction NORTH must be shown, drawn on it.
Please get in contact with me, so that we can discuss your needs.