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Prof. Dr. Jes T. Y. Lim

Content of a Qi-Mag Feng Shui-Business-Consultation


Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui for your Company


You feel like you should change something in your company? You already did everything you could but haven't made any improvement? The profound and contemporary Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui helps you to increase the success of your business and make it stable. Under the guidance of Dr. Lim, the Qi-Mag Institute made it it's mission to effectively and accurately commit itself to the modern Feng Shui challenges of a business. In order to give you an understanding of how Feng Shui can offer support for your company, we want to give you a brief first impression of several important aspects of Business Feng Shui.  

Seating position of the principal  

It is absolutely necassary for creatively working people, department and executive managers, to enjoy a good view, in order to mentally and creatively expand their horizon. On the other hand, there is a big necessity for privacy and protection from outer influences. We therefore strongly recommend people in leading position to choose their work place energetically correct, in order to be truely guiding and not to be exposed to daily discussions with employees. This automatically happens, if you are not seated in the position of command, but for instance leave this place to the secretary.  

A solid foundation  

A good company building should have a strong and solid foundation structure. As soon as customers and the public will notice this strong foundation, it will simultaniously strengthen their trust and support.  

An open view  

Your company should be equipped with far-sightedness, meaning that a vast view is provided from the main entrance and from the windows of the creative and executive positions. Consequently you will strengthen your innovation and business operations, and also open yourself and your employees for new opportunities.  

Strong backing  

Your company should have a strong backing, so that you are supported from inside as well as from outside. A weak backing means, in Feng Shui terms, that your business will constantly have to confront problems with employees, banks, and the business market.  

Disturbance areas & electronic smog  

Imagine water flowing through lumps of rocks and then down a steep hill. It would be considered as a torrential stream. As soon as this water is allowed to flow through a winding riverbed, it is considered to be gentle and bring fertility to the earth. In translation to a business, this means that destructive behaviour and weak work performance of employees can for instance be caused by them sitting in a disturbance area or being exposed to strong electronic smog. Not only does this weaken their vitality and work performance, but also contributes to confuse them and bring them out of balance. It can have particularly fatal consequences for the entire company, if decision-makers sit in this kind of spaces!

Outstanding performance and creativity  

Buildings that support creativity and outstanding performance should be designed in a way that they reflect the rapidly changing conditions of market and labour as well as the peoples' vision, and also represent true Feng Shui. Qualified Qi-Mag Consultants therefore like to work closely with the executing architects. In cases of existing objects, they give advise strictly following the Qi-Mag Feng Shui guidelines. Dr. Lim's favourite motto is: There is a solution for every problem. Taking advantage of a rich pool of solutions and possibilities, gained by long experience in Business Feng Shui, Qi-Mag Consultants have the goal to always reach the highest possible energetic efficiency with the smallest possible effort. In addition, your Qi-Mag Feng Shui and Tao Geomancy Consultants are specialized to detect and neutralize the different forces of disturbance areas and geopathic stress zones.  

The following problems of a business can be corrected via Feng Shui measures:  

  • leadership crises
  • deficit of innovation
  • unproductive employees
  • frequent work accidents
  • mobbing and burnout
  • high rate of illness
  • unnecessary lawsuits
  • overly high costs
  • low profit
  • shop is not receiving attention
  • clientele is not growing  


Qi-Mag Business Feng Shui offers interesting and effective possibilities for your company to support the overall success by means of conscious exterior changes!